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Dana Wilborn



New Release

A Phoenix Rising: How to start over....again with gratitude 

If you’ve ever made a mistake, picked a job you hated or felt completely loss at times, this book is for you. We all struggle, we all have doubts but what is important is that we never give up on ourselves and start over as many times as we need to. Come with me on my journey of health, happiness, and starting over all while being thankful.

New Release

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New Release

A Recipe for Disaster

Rising chef Georgia Thomas is determined to distinguish herself from her play by the rules identical twin sister, Savannah, and make a name for herself in the male-dominated culinary arts. To do that, Georgia decides to temporarily put Atlanta in her rearview mirror.

Watch Georgia gather some spicy ingredients for a sexy, but dangerous love story in A Recipe for Disaster.

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New Release

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Kupcakerie, Book Launch for

A Recipe for Disaster & A Phoenix Rising

Featured on The Activation Hour Podcast

with Melissa D. White

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Featured on Jacent's Gems Podcast


About Dana

Dana Wilborn is a real Atlanta native - a.k.a Grady Baby. Received her Bachelor's and Culinary degree. Aside from being a chef and caterer, Dana is a mother, writer and hopeless romantic. When she's not being a super mom and shuttling her mini-me to swim lessons and basketball practice, you can find her crocheting, watching the Hallmark channel or cooking. A Recipe for Disaster and A Phoenix Rising, How to start over... again with Gratitude are her first Novellas. 

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